The Sacred Practice of Psychedelic Healing

Harnessing the powers of psychedelic mushrooms, especially those containing psilocybin, traces its roots back centuries across various cultures. Esteemed not only for their therapeutic benefits but also for spiritual enlightenment, these mushrooms present a significant tool for personal evolution and healing.

Understanding the Dose

Different from contemporary medicines, the potency of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms doesn’t merely depend on its size. Many therapists advocate starting with a robust dose, which can swiftly usher individuals beyond their psychological boundaries, plunging them into a more spiritual realm, hence minimizing anxiety. Contrarily, some studies advocate for commencing with a modest dose, incrementally intensified over sessions to mitigate potential anxieties. Intriguingly, these mushrooms aren’t addictive, and frequent consumption within short spans diminishes their effectiveness, thus deterring overuse.

The Psychedelic Journey: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Preparation of Space and Time

Designate a tranquil environment ensuring no disturbances for roughly 4-5 hours. As appetite may dwindle during the session, consider eating beforehand.

Step 2 – Dosing

Make sure you have the right dose ready. Many people find that mushrooms can cause stomach upset for the first 60-90 minutes of their experience, which can be
distracting. Taking the mushrooms in tea reduces this effect– chop the mushrooms up, boil them for 20 min-utes, and drink the liquid (the mushrooms that remain will also still be active, but weakened). With tea, you will feel the effects more quickly and you also might come down more quickly.

Step 3 – Consumption

Eat or drink the dose, dislike the taste? Blend mushrooms with peanut butter or another delectable treat.

Step 4 – Initial Phase

After intake, a buffer of 30-60 minutes allows for final preparations. Keeping writing tools handy can be beneficial to jot down revelations or emotions during the session.

Step 5 – Beginning of Transformation

As the shift in reality ensues, minor visual alterations might manifest, such as luminous halos or moving object trails. Although fascinating, remaining centered on introspection and personal growth is crucial.

Step 6 – Full Immersion

Post the 60-90-minute mark, emotions and thoughts will undergo a metamorphosis. Emotions might intensify, ranging from sheer euphoria to profound contemplation. Navigating this state demands embracing the flow of emotions, and if feelings turn too intense, invoking positive stimuli like uplifting music can be a salvation.

Step 7 – Navigating the Challenge

Confronting burdensome feelings like anxiety or depression in this state might seem overwhelming. Still, the psychedelic lens offers a compassionate perspective, softening the edges of even the harshest emotions. Engaging with these emotions can lead to the most insightful experiences.

Step 8 – Relaxation

Remember to immerse yourself fully in the moment. Take a moment to simply relax and embrace the experience without any predefined objectives. This not only offers you a sense of calm and tranquility but also has the potential to lead to unexpected insights and profound realizations about matters you hadn’t initially considered.

Step 9 – Return Journey

As the effects of mushrooms begin to wane, you’ll gradually experience a reduction in the intensity of your feelings over the course of a couple of hours. This presents an opportune moment to reflect on your journey, either by jotting down your thoughts or engaging in a meaningful conversation with a friend or loved one. As you slowly return to your usual state of mind, you might encounter a touch of disappointment, as familiar mental patterns resurface. It’s common to yearn for the profound freedom you experienced during the trip. However, upon deeper reflection, you’ll discover that much of that liberating sense of openness remains within you. Take some time to contemplate your experience, the thoughts, and emotions it evoked, and use this awareness as a reminder to infuse more of that openness into your everyday life.

Post-Journey Insights

Generally, individuals often experience a profound sense of liberation and openness in the days following a mushroom journey. It’s advisable to prioritize a restful night’s sleep afterward, as you may feel slightly fatigued the next day. Many report an ‘afterglow’ effect that can persist for days or even weeks, enhancing their overall mood and perspective while fostering a heightened receptivity to others. Concepts and concerns explored during the trip often gain a newfound clarity, making it easier to engage with emotionally challenging topics, memories, and experiences with reduced fear and greater ease when recalled.

Safety First

Alongside our usual safety recommendations, it’s crucial to refrain from consuming mushrooms if you are presently using psychoactive pharmaceuticals, such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications. Prior to any use, it’s imperative to thoroughly research any supplements or medications you may be currently taking to prevent potential interactions.